3 Best Portable Immersion Blenders Tested On 2023

Portable immersion blenders are becoming increasingly popular as kitchen appliances for those who want the convenience of blending their favorite ingredients without having to lug around a large, bulky blender. Portable immersion blenders offer great flexibility and portability, allowing you to blend your food wherever you go.

In this article, we’ve tested and reviewed three of the best portable immersion blenders on the market in 2023. Whether you’re looking for a cordless rechargeable model or just something that will get the job done quickly and easily, these three models have been chosen with careful consideration given to power, reliability, ease of use, price point, and more.

Features To Look For In Portable Immersion Blenders


While immersion blenders typically take up less counter space and are easier to store than traditional blenders or food processors, there is a wide range of sizes, weights, and design styles available.

Cordless models are a convenient choice, however, they require frequent recharging. That said a cordless model will give you the freedom you need in the kitchen.

Charge Indicators

Portable Immersion Blenders’ rechargeable cordless design offers an innovative feature to help you keep track of your charge level: the colorful LED light ring. When fully charged, it illuminates a bright blue color.

As the battery begins to get low, the light ring changes to yellow as a warning sign that it’s time to plug in and recharge. When the battery is completely drained, the LED light turns red – so you know it’s time to plug it in and get back to blending.


With some immersion blenders, you get a detachable blending arm perfect for hot blends, an impressive 32-ounce beaker, and even a convenient whisk attachment – offering endless possibilities.


Before you make your purchase, consider what exactly will be the primary use for your immersion blender. If it’s mainly pureed like creating baby food or blending through ice cubes for smoothies, then a lower wattage from 200 – 1000 is perfect. However, if you need more power and torque when operating with tougher ingredients, higher wattages are ideal.

Speed Settings

Portable immersion blenders are versatile kitchen tools and come with two speeds – high and low. The higher speed is excellent for crushing hard ingredients like frozen fruit or fibrous vegetables, while the lower one can be used to chop veggies into salsa-like consistency without completely pulverizing them.

Blade guard vents

The dome-shaped blade guard on the blender arm is a necessity – it not only safeguards your hand from injury but helps circulate food for improved and more efficient blending. We discovered that wide-blade guards with larger vents offer superior results in this regard.

Handle and grip

Grasping the handle of an immersion blender with one hand while pressing its buttons with your fingers requires a comfortable sensation. An ill-fitting handle, small or awkwardly placed buttons, and heavy weight can cause strain on your hands over time. The best immersion blenders feature easy-to-press yet powerful buttons that require minimal effort to operate.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning portable immersion blenders is a whole lot easier with the one-click assembly and removable, dishwasher-safe blade.

Pay close attention to whether the shaft detaches, as this makes for a simple and effortless cleaning process as well as an uncomplicated storage solution.

Safety Features

Utilizing most portable immersion blenders requires the pressing of two buttons simultaneously before blending begins, which prevents any accidental activation and serves as a safety measure.

Best Portable Immersion Blenders Reviewed In This Guide

Chefman Cordless Power Portable Immersion Blender

[amazon box=”B07WP7DL66″ class=”lp-product-list” template=”vertical” image_size=”large” title=” ” image_alt=”Chefman Cordless Power Portable Immersion Blender” description=”none” price=”none” button_text=”Check Latest Price” ]

The Chefman Cordless Portable Immersion Blender is a powerful and convenient tool for any kitchen. With its rechargeable battery, you can move freely around your busy kitchen and get up to 20 minutes of blending power from each charge.

Its variable speeds allow you to select the ideal speed with one touch button for control—perfect for blending ice for margaritas or cream soups. And if you only need a single serving, this handy blender is perfect for making shakes and smoothies in just the right amount.

The colorful LED light ring illuminates three different colors to notify you when it’s fully charged, getting low on battery life, or needs recharging so that you don’t end up without power mid-blend—it can even hold a charge up to a year before use.

Ovente Electric Cordless Immersion Hand Blender

[amazon box=”B0BKR16DYB” class=”lp-product-list” template=”vertical” image_size=”large” title=” ” image_alt=”Ovente Electric Cordless Immersion Hand Blender” description=”none” price=”none” button_text=”Check Latest Price” ]

The Ovente Electric Cordless Immersion Hand Blender is the perfect solution to blend your smoothies, soup, and purees on the go.

With its 200W motor and ergonomic design, you can control your blending at 8 different speeds for a precise result every time. Enjoy the convenience of cordless use with the rechargeable long-lasting battery power that allows you to easily blend anywhere.

Plus, cleaning is super easy with its detachable stainless steel mixing shaft and BPA-free storage case that doubles as a measuring cup. Make life easier in the kitchen with this compact immersion blender – no tangled cords or bulky equipment to worry about.

Cordless 4-in-1 USB Rechargeable Immersion Blender

[amazon box=”B0B824FDP4″ class=”lp-product-list” template=”vertical” image_size=”large” title=” ” image_alt=”Cordless 4-in-1 USB Rechargeable Immersion Blender” description=”none” price=”none” button_text=”Check Latest Price” ]

The Beizuzu Cordless 4-in-1 USB Rechargeable Immersion Blender is a portable immersion blender that meets all of your needs. This cordless and rechargeable blender can be used anywhere, anytime with no need for an electrical socket.

The ergonomic design comes with three adjustable angles (90°, 135°, and 180°) so you can easily blend ingredients in any container shape or size.

It features 21 variable speed adjustments to make sure you get the perfect texture each time plus powerful functions like blending meat, smoothies, milkshakes, and more.

Cleaning up is easy – just disassemble the stainless steel attachments then pop them into the dishwasher for a fast clean. Portable and efficient – this immersion blender has it all.

Common Questions About Portable Immersion Blenders

Are portable immersion blenders worth it?

With an immersion blender, you have the freedom to wander in your kitchen without having to transfer hot ingredients from a pot into a tedious pitcher. But if there isn’t a nearby power outlet or space is limited, then dealing with its cord might be cumbersome.

In this case, it’s better to opt for a cordless rechargeable immersion blender that won’t limit your movements and will make things easier for you.

Why choose a portable immersion blender over a regular blender?

  • An immersion blender is the optimal kitchen tool for simplifying your meal preparation routine. Not only does it provide you with a greater range of choices since you can blend recipes directly in any cooking pot, cup, jar, or mixing bowl – saving time and mess – but also drastically reduces the number of dishes that need to be washed.
  • Immersion blenders have a clear advantage over regular blenders when it comes to blending or pureeing small quantities of food. Unlike the latter, you won’t need to fill them up completely for optimal results – a major plus if you’re only making something for yourself.
  • Not only are personal blenders more compact than countertop models, but they can be conveniently tucked away when not in use.

How do you use an immersion cordless blender without making a mess?

  • To limit splashing, blending it in a tall-sided container is key. The perfect vessels for this job are drinking jars, mason jars, pitchers, and deep pots.
  • Additionally, ensure the blade head of your immersion blender is beneath the surface to further reduce any mess that may occur.

It is ok to use an immersion cordless blender in nonstick cookware?

To protect the nonstick coating, be sure to hold your immersion blender at an angle and refrain from touching it directly against the bottom of the pan.

Crafted with blade guards specifically for nonstick cookware, certain immersion cordless blenders allow you to make smoothies and more without worrying about scratches or damage.

Portable immersion blenders do’s and don’ts:


  • Create the perfect frothy milk using an immersion blender! Simply pour your desired type of milk into a tall, narrow container such as a mason jar or drinking glass to prevent any splattering.
  • An immersion blender is an excellent tool for beating eggs – its rotating blades not only blend the whites and yolk together but also infuse air into them. This results in a delightful fluffy end product once cooked.
  • With the correct amount of liquid and soft fruits such as melons, berries, or bananas that are fully ripe, you can make a delicious smoothie with nothing more than an immersion blender!
  • Immersion blenders will mash potatoes or vegetables quickly and easily – just submerge the immersion blender in cooked potatoes or veggies, turn it on, and start blending.


  • Do not use an immersion blender for dry ingredients such as flour or sugar. Portable immersion blenders are not powerful enough to handle these types of ingredients without clogging or damaging the motor.
  • Portable immersion blenders are not suitable for crushing ice.

How do you wash a portable immersion blender?

To clean your blenders, begin by running the mixing shaft in a bowl of soap and water for several seconds. Following this step, use a sponge to scrub around the blades and underneath them for optimal hygiene.

Video Review: Best Cordless Immersion Blender 2023

In this video, you’ll learn more about which are the very best Portable Immersion Blenders in the market now. You’ll learn about each’s model features, benefits, and more so you can make the best buying decision for your needs.

Final Thoughts

Portable immersion blenders are an excellent addition to any kitchen and can make meal prep a breeze. Not only do they provide you with more options for blending recipes directly into any cooking pot, cup, jar, or bowl but also drastically reduce the number of dishes that need to be washed.

Portable immersion cordless blenders have the added advantage of being able to blend in small quantities without filling them up completely – great if you’re making something just for yourself! When using a portable immersion blender it is important to hold it at an angle and keep the blade head beneath the surface when blending so as not to cause a mess or damage nonstick cookware.

Cleaning your portable immersion blender is easy; simply run it through some soap and water before scrubbing around its blades with a sponge. With all these benefits combined, investing in one of these handy tools will definitely simplify your life in the kitchen!


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